first balm

2017-03-24 18:06:30 by Cat-A-Mations

XD first time one of my projects got blammed "mario 64"


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2017-03-24 19:30:32

It'll just make the accomplishment that much more rewarding when your project isn't blammed. At least you got the courage to throw yourself out there so quickly. You're enthusiastic. Some are so worried about negative criticism or having their work blammed, that they spend years polishing something that ends up being too good to be labeled as their "first" animation/game/song/drawing. Just make sure to hang on to everything you make. It's great for keeping track of your progress as you continue to grow as an artist. Behold, the humble beginnings of Cat-A-Mations!

Cat-A-Mations responds:

thank you for the comment